MY GAP YEAR 2007/8

Goodbye Ellie

It’s already April and with under a month to go I’m starting to panic that i’m not going to get everything done in time, it would be ok but everything which needs doing is out of my hands. so I’m in a bit of a limbo situation at the moment.

This weekend was a pretty mad with working the early shift  but also managing to fit in a bit of DJ-ing at Kenney’s Makin’ Shapes party. I must have have about 3 hours of sleep the whole weekend. Plus, my final injections made me feel pretty rough on Friday night. I felt like I was burning up and had such a dry throat all night. Not nice.

Ellie has left for South Africa, she went yesterday and should have arrived this morning. I’m trying not to miss her, but its not working, all I keep thinking about is it’s only four weeks until I get to see her again.

I took her to the Heathrow and forgot how mental that place can be in the daytime. Why are the queues at the Air India check-in always pandemonium compared to the rest of the airlines? There seems to be people falling over each other and luggage scatted everywhere, and not even a system for queuing, now that’s not a very British way of doing things, is it?

I’ve been trying to fit everything in to my carry-on bag and it’s not going very well. The 35mm film is taking up most of the room. I would put them in my main bag but I’ve heard terrible tales of film fogging from the X-rays machines in airports. I shall do a bit of research on this matter.

Kit in Carry bag
Leica M6 Black
Leica 50mm Lens
Mamiya 7 II
80mm Mamiya
Samsung NV10
Sony Ericsson K800i mobile phone
Plus Batteries and filters for cameras.



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