MY GAP YEAR 2007/8


I leave tomorrow. Then it’s ‘Watch Out World, Random Sam is on his way’.

Here are some of the stats of the trip so far:

  • 2 years of planning
  • 1 and 1/2 years of saving my arse off.
  • 13 countries
  • 3 cameras
  • 4 Lense
  • £220 worth of film
  • 15 or so injections (but none in my bum)
  • 3 leaving parties (with some of the elite drinkers of the world)
  • $800 in US dollars
  • 3 bags
  • 2 VISAs (So far)
  • iPod
  • A Blue Peter Badge 
  • And one very nervous Random Sam

It’s my last night in the UK, so I cooked my famous Mexican Fajita recipe for my Mum and Emma (Sister). I think they found it a bit to hot for their Mersea stomachs and just ate it out of being polite. Mental note for the future: I mustn’t cook with that many chilies and seeds when cooking for others, not everyone likes blowing steam out of both ends.

I’m headed down to the Coast Inn for one final drink (Non Alcoholic) with Abi’s, Grub, Youngs, Cosmic, Beast, Chazzy and Butters. Yes, I know they sound like characters from a new BBC kids show, but they are real people I promise, and I will miss them all very dearly.

I must go, I can feel that Mexican food is going to pop out and say hello very soon.


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