MY GAP YEAR 2007/8

TECHNOLOGY (and lack of it)

Originally published on: Apr 5, 2007 @ 11:28

No more Internet, mobile phone, or digital TV. The Embassy is now out of the communication loop, and I bloody hate it. The thought of surviving three weeks without any form of communication device in London scares the living hell out of me.

I had to do something just to stop my fingers from twitching from the lack of excitement. So off I trundled to the local mobile phone shop to buy a ‘Pay as You Go’ sim card to use for my final three weeks in the country. Can someone tell me how we got by before the invention of mobiles phones? It’s frankly impossible to organize meet-ups with friends without one these days.

Then, just to make matters worse, *Homechoice took away the digital tv and the internet which let’s be frank is a soul crushing thing to do to me. Tell me, what on earth does one do without email, MSN and Myspace for three weeks in London? But before the big internet switch off I was frantically downloading as many episodes of ‘Lost’ and ‘Heroes’ to watch over the coming weekend because I know that boredom will strike pretty quickly. And if that’s not bad enough, after the weekend I have to box up my computer and take it back to my parents house for storage.

So this means for the next three weeks i’m left with five miserably channels to keep me entertained, talk about going back to the 1990s…. no, wait I was better off in the 90s with my *Commodore Amiga computer and C.B radio.

However, I didn’t even last one day without technology, 4 hours to be exact before I gave in and started to write this blog post on my Palm Pilot whilst stealing my neighbors WIFI internet connection. All this whilst I sit on the toilet having a poo….. I flipping love technology.

But this brings up a valid point, if i’m so reliant on online communication and the latest technology, how am I going to cope in places where I wouldn’t be connected 24/7?

Over and out,

*Homechoice – One of the first OnDemand TV services in the UK.
*The Embassy – The named we gave our house.
*Palm Pilot – PDA computer, popular with suits.
*Commodore Amiga – A personal computer from the 80s and 90s.


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