MY GAP YEAR 2007/8


Ten and a half hours and i’m finally in South Africa, hooray.

The first thing which hits me about this place is that it’s a miss-match of all the countries I have been too so far.
All the shops are in white faced strip malls just like in America, the supermarkets have a Spanish feel, and the landscape from Johannesburg to Pretoria is exactly the same as summer time in Essex. seriously, I don’t know why I bothered coming! 

The sights on the roads are just mind blowing, and not to mention bloody deathtraps, some of the car and trucks we passed look like they are held together with glue and cardboard. I know why the U.K has the M.O.T! 

I can safely say South Africa is completely bonkers and I’m loving it already, I really can’t wait to get on the road and see more.

Tomorrow we get Ellie’s ‘Blue Slug’ fixed, yep, I’ve already named her car, then on Saturday we head off in to the mountains.

It’s a holiday over here at the moment called ‘Freedom Weekend’, I asked Ellie why they have this holiday and she doesn’t know. Oh great, she is going to be a good guide for the next six weeks, haha. Kidding, Love her really.


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