MY GAP YEAR 2007/8

Colchester to Cape Town

Goodbye Essex.

I’m now speeding my way to London on the 11:03. Apparently you can purchase a chocolate chip cookie and a cup of tea from the onboard restaurant for £1.50, so the conductor on the intercom has just informed the carriage in a rather soul crushing and bored Essex accent, Now that sounds like a bargain to me.

My backpack seems much heavier than last night, I’m not sure why since I haven’t unpacked it, maybe my sister slipped a couple of kilos of cocaine in there when I wasn’t looking?  Something tells me I will have to lighten the load once I get to South Africa as I doubt I’ll be wanting to travel around with it on for long.

Can I just tell you, i’m so bleedin’ excited to see Ellie again, and for her to show me around her homeland for the next 6 weeks.

Right, I better get off this mega slow wifi which I’ve managed to highjack in Liverpool Street station, man it’s so slow. Next stop, Heathrow airport.

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