MY GAP YEAR 2007/8


Not much to report. Tomorrow I started my final seven shifts ever. It seems very strange to be leaving work after seven years at the same company, I know it’s only for one year, and they are having me back, but still I don’t think it’s sunk in that i’m not working for a year. 

On another note, I had an email from this morning. The hostel we booked in Riga has closed down, that’s the second hostel we’ve booked that is now closed down, what’s going on? We’ve now booked into a Aussie run hostel in the heart of Old Riga (something tells me that we are not going to get much sleep there). I did find one cool thing that the hostel does, AK47 shooting! This might come in handy just in case I come up against any ex-KGB agents on my way through Russia.

It’s pay day tomorrow, so that can mean I can cross off the last things on my list

Randoms Shopping List
Travel Insurance
35mm F2.0 lens for the Leica M6
Rain Jacket
A new pair of shorts, I don’t own any.


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