Thanks for stopping by. Let me start by telling you about myself and what’s going on here.

I started this site in 2007 to document my gap year adventure around the world. After that, I made a promise to keep blogging about my adventures, vacations and general nonsense about my life. You see, I don’t take life very seriously and love to have a laugh around the world.

I’m a keen photographer, videographer, and determined blogger. I have big love for Marmite and cheese sandwiches, good coffee and Indian food. I dislike moaning people, clowns, and apple pie (It shouldn’t be called a dessert).

After my 2007 world trip I really looked at travel in a different light. Gone were weekend breaks and two week beach vacations, now I craved adventure and unique experiences. Hitch-hiking around Alaska? Why not. Visiting Chernobyl? Seems safe enough, count me in. Walk across a country with no hiking experience? Sounds daft. Where do I sign up. You see, each trip I went on, the next one had to be bigger and more stupid than the last one.

In 2008 I had eaten way too much Toblerone, and my waistline had shot up to a size 38″. To combat this unhealthy lifestyle I bought a bicycle and cycled it to work everyday for the next three years… whilst still indulging in a Toblerone every once in a while. I was hooked, I loved the feeling of pushing those pedals everyday, cycling made me feel like a kid again, carefree and relaxed.

In June 2009 I took my first bicycle touring trip around Holland, Belgium and Northern France with my friend Stu. I loved it, I broke my foot on that tour and had food poisoning, but I bloody loved it. It became my favorite way to see the world. Come 2011, I lost my job and decided to-do the normal thing and not get another one, instead I would cycle the Americas. Starting in North America I crossed over to San Francisco only to… well, you can read what happened after that.

Now in 2016 I am cycling the Pan-American Highway, this time on a tandem bike, with my wife, Julie.

I’m proud of my life so far, it’s far from what is deemed ‘normal’ in society, but that’s ok, I live up to my name. The Random Sam.

You can drop me a line here.

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