Revisiting My Gap Year

Back in 2007/8 I blogged extensively about my gap year around the world. However, very few people saw these posts or even bothered to read them because they weren’t very well written. And I understand that, reading poorly written blogs isn’t a very enjoyable experience, is it now? Writing has never been a strong point for me because my dyslexic brain puts walls around my spelling and gramma abilities, however I stuck it out and wrote it all down for my family and a few close friends who followed this journey.

Then in 2012 I decided to take the whole lot down, mainly because I felt embarrassed about how poorly these posts were written and I didn’t feel comfortable with them being online anymore. Being Dyslexic has certainly challenged me over the years. But it hasn’t stopped me from trying to adapt and trick my wonky brain into working better. I do find it hard to talk about my Dyslexia still to this day, mainly because of the stigma that surrounds the condition. However, with Julie by my side, kind friends, and new technology I feel like I have it far more under-control these days.

Fast-forward to today and I’m sitting in my hotel room doing my monthly house keeping and maintenance on my website, when low and behold I come across all the offline blog posts just sitting in the corner collecting cyber dust. Two hours later and I’m still reading and laughing out loud to all these lost posts of yesteryears. Between the poorly structured sentences and spelling mistakes there are some great stories mixed up in there, yearning to be set free once again. 

For the next few months I will be revisiting these old blog posts to rewrite and re-edit them, ready to share with the world once again.


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