MY GAP YEAR 2007/8


I guess this is my final Oscar speech of the trip.

I sit here in my old bedroom from my teenage days, no more Claudia Schiffer or Cindy Crawford posters on the wall, no Spectrum computer, and no green shag carpet. I have over 3000 slides to sift through and plan the next part of this adventure which is to get this exhibition up and running before the end of the year.

This is most likely the final post from this 2007/8 trip and I would like to thank everyone who has taken the time to read/decipher my dribble. I know my grammar isn’t up to much, and the spelling is less to be desired, but i’ve really enjoyed sharing this adventure with you all. People from New Zealand, South Korea and Russia are all reading my random tales now, and that feels great. I’m going to to keep blogging as much as I can, hopefully with new stories about my trips and adventures in the forthcoming years.

This blog post is also to thank all the wonderful travellers I met along the way. Without you guys I don’t think I would have had half as much fun, eaten as many crazy things or learnt so much about our planet. Thank you to the backpackers of the world I met in 2007/2008.

Mr Stu – U.K 
Guns, Vodka & Zane Lowe lookalike.


George & Patrick – UK
I’ll never forget George hugging the David Brent Security Guards at that rave.

Fiona – Australia

I’m glad we kept in touch, I’m sure our paths will cross again, at least I have you on MSN. Glad the tooth is fixed

Theresa – Austria
Vodka, strawberry juice & sunsets over Lake Baikal. 


Emma – UK
I can’t believe you were run over by a hippo in Africa.

Richard & Mel – UK/Canada
The laughing and sneezing couple, loved them dearly.

Virginia – USA
More on her later.

Joanne – UK
Old Skool Raver with great travel stories to tell.

Louisa & Emma – UK
I loved their stories and passion for travel.


Bryant – USA
It was a pleasure meeting and drinking with you, shame I couldn’t see you in the states. Next time mate, you’re a top diamond.

Drinking, Great Wall Trekking and eating scorpions can only be done with this guy in one day.

Elaine – USA
Thank you for getting in touch with Katie and a great night out in Beijing… Not that i remembered much.

LeÃh – Hong Kong
Roommates in Beijing, It was wonderful listening to you play the Pipa.

Aison – Hong Kong
Thanks for showing me around your city. Fish Market was fun and rather odd.

Sandy, Wouter & Martin – Germany/Netherlands/UK
Guys, I’m gutted I couldn’t come on your overland adventure in Tibet. I hope to see you soon though.


James – U.K
On our next trip, bring more than a packet of Custard Creams. I had a great time, and somehow you managed to get me back to my normal random self. Cheers mate.


Katie – USA
Thanks for showing me around your amazing city. I had more than a blast with you. Who would have thought i would have made such a great friend on this trip.

Jamie – USA
Cheers for letting me crash at yours and getting me hooked on Wii, its more addictive than crack!

Teddy – USA
Cantaloupe. Enough said.

Juerie – USA
I love the wellies, and the Ninja kick to my leg.

Ange – OZ
What a day, Jerry Springer, and then getting kidnapped by a bunch of old timers… all in one day, just brilliant.

Clare & Maya – USA
Six hours with you girls was enough to make me want to come back to Chicago and party with you more.

Andi & Alex – USA
Thank you so much for your hospitably. 29oz steak, where do you put it, Andi?

Colm – Ireland
Two words, Jagermeister & wigs. Never a good combination on a night out.

Esther -OZ
Please stay off the 80 cent drinks, I’m not always going to be there to hold you hair back in the middle of the Castro District. I wish, I wish I spent more time with you.

Lee – UK
A road trip like no other, you are the man!

Virginia – USA
A were a beautiful roller-skating squirrel (Without the roller-skates). V was the most amazing backpacker i have ever met.

Anna – Sweden
Glad the leg is better, Hope to see you in London.

Don – UK
Fancy going gopher shooting?

Matty & Kealy – UK
Living the American Dream, and nothing beats a road trip… and a Peter Griffin lookalike.


Cathy – OZ
Thanks for all the info on Cuba, hope you had a good time in South America.

Ying – China/USA
I’m glad Chris and I dragged you away from the internet for one night of drinking.

Chris – Canada
Top fella, many great nights out, though I will never look at Kahlua in the same way again.

Nova – Canada
Nova cast a spell on me in the short time I spent with her. I’m sure if you follow a rainbow you will find her.

Annaliese, Katie & Caz – UK
Cocks, Cocks Cocks, Drugs, Drugs Drugs.

Dougie & Jesse – UK/USA
Top guys causing havoc on the Island of Women. Great to meet up with you again Dougie.

Dave – Ireland
Have you found Blow Job Taylor yet?

Jodie – UK
Miss Provocateur does Holbox, i’m glad we met up again.

Linda & Toby – Netherlands/UK
Its true…. you really can fuck a fish…. but no, you can’t smoke a cat.

Matthijs & Maurits – Netherlands
Like a married couple on holiday, very funny watching you guys rip on each other. shame I couldn’t make it to spring break 2008

A perfect drinking partner. See you when you get back to the U.K.


Tristan – OZ
Sorry for crashing your date…. you could have told me.


Mike – USA
Men & Women around Lake Atitlan will be whispering the story about LSD and down syndrome kids for years to come.

Chris & Monica – USA
Monica, wake him up for god sake, he is missing everything! Lovely to meet you guys.

David & Sahar – OZ
Took to Comedy Cocking like a fish out of water, great hanging with you guys. I hope the Cockney accent is working for you now.

Ryan & Sydney – Canada
Lets face it, I look better in a dress than you Ryan. I had so much fun with you guys. Lets do it all over again some time…. in the dresses.

Anneli – UK
Sounds like the bad luck has passed and that your trip is now going well. I Hope to see you for more random banter soon.

Lisa – UK
Lisa, my little sister. Sorry about being sick all over the room after that messy night, lets face it, you loved it. See you down at the Defectors soon.

Joy/Maria/Thea – Denmark
I was only moody in Belize because I was ill. Still, we had a great laugh on your final night in San Pedro.

Girl, go and brush your shoulders off.

Helen – New Zealand
Helen and Van Der Beek kissing in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G.

Lilly & Emily – USA
Lilly, Your shoes seem to be the big thing this summer in London. And I’m not joking, they are everywhere.

Ditte & Chris – Denmark
I let you win. Enough said… Cow 1 with 31 spots calls….. Doh.

Thanks again everyone, I hope to see a few of you for beers soon.


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